Adam Ant's interview in the Something For The Weekend section of The Sun 25th January 2013

"I've been Ill but music has made me stronger" by Adam Ant

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Adam Ant - "Adam Ant Is The BlueBlack Hussar In Marrying The Gunners Daughter" Album Review

Cool Zombie kicks off the album. This song was released back in November for download and is also available as a strictly limited seven inch vinyl.
So seventeen years since the last recorded output from Adam Ant, We are treated to a Great slide guitar intro that has Adam wailing in the background. For the first verse Adam's voice has a Dylan/Jagger esque sound to it that compliments his own distinctive sound. This sounds like a more mature Adam. This is the sound of the man that has lived his crazier then crazy life, we know what he has been through and this is his source material. The band sound excellent and well recorded. when "Taking a trip to London Town" kicks in and we can hear Adam's harmonies in the background, I felt like i was 7 years old again listening to Kings of the wild Frontier. Cool Zombie wouldn't have sounded out of place on Kings...

Track Two "Stay In The Game". This is the closest we get to the " Dirk Wears White Sox" sound. That is mostly due to the Buzzsaw Gutair sound and I also like the reverse hi hat cymbal sound like we know from Zerox. This song nearly reaches a Red Scab/Physical feel to it but not quite the passion. the Bass line stands out to me on this song, but thats because most of the songs on this album are redundant of anything that sounds like a Bass!! The Drums apply to that too!!

Marrying the gunners daughter, so this is the Title track!! Again we are given really bad 90s Sounding Drum loops. This sounds like left overs from "Manners & Physique" I haven't read the liner notes to the album so I don't know who is to blame for the really bad synth playing. This song did nothing for me

"Vince Taylor" I was really looking forward to hearing this song has I have heard it quite a few times in recent months as Adam has been including it In his live set.. This is one of the up tempo songs on the album. This is one of the better sounding songs on the album but it doesn't sound right. Muddy vocals seem to appear through out this album. The vocals just vanish into the song then get louder again!! Bass, Drums are there but non existent! I think you have done a Vince Taylor! Adam

"Valentines" Another slow tempo song. Really horrible vocal mix. Definitely no auto tune on this album! Sounds like a really bad unfinished demo. Shame cos underneath its a nice song. The Harmonies on Adam/Antz songs are always appreciated and enjoyable but they appear over used and with no real conviction, here they are just song filler! Less is more, please...

"Darlin' Boy" Again we are welcomed with electronic drums, Adam Ant mumbling something and Georgina/Adam Harmonies, and they are throughout the whole song!! Again terrible mixing and production. Its a shame because it sounds like there is something interesting underneath with the Guitar & Bass, and that's a double shame because this whole album seriously lacks Lead Guitar and Riffs!!
This song really sounds unfinished... Shame

"Dirty Beast" Sounds like we have a full band for this song!! This for me is "Can't set Rules About Love" 23 years later, it has that ballad feel to it but not of the Love Song Type!! "Treat me like the Dirty Beast I Am" really has a Stones vibe to it. This is one of the better sounding songs on here..... After this song ends we get a guitar riff and a 1,2,3,4 count then it cuts out.....

Punk young girl - Drum machine starts this song off. Adam adopts a different style vocal for the verse on this and I like it. This is New Wave Adam. Hard Processed Guitar, Synths and a flowing bass... I like this one

Sausage - this is really just filler. Muddy vocals and terrible backing vocal ruin this already past its sell by date song. Bad drum machine thought this song and then the instrumental section is badly spliced on to the track at the end followed by more mumbling and back ground noise.... This is Poor

Cradle your Hatred - this would have fitted on Wonderful. Nice lyrics, because it's nice to actually be able to hear some. This song comes across more heart felt from Adam. "A Poor Boy's Dreams are his only luxury" Nice one Adam

Hard men tough blokes - ok so this time we have a harder industrial sounding Drum Machine!! We have a Hard Processed Guitar sound again!! what happened to that Punk Guitar Sound Adam?
So this is "Friends" 34 years later, name checking! But that's the only similarity... Hard men Tough Blokes! Really?

Shrink - this is Adam doing his Nine Inch Nails style. Hard Industrial Drums & Guitars,Co written with Chris McCormack from Three Colours Red can hear his influence on this song. I wish he had written more of the album with Adam. This song sounds like a band. This is the most upbeat song on the album.
"Is It Me Or Just Medication" Great Song Adam

Vivienne's tears - A nice little song.... With nice lyrics.. "Wonderful" sounding again!

Who's a goofy bunny -Adam Ant's tribute to the late Malcolm Mcclaren. A nicely recorded mid tempo track that would have slotted on "Wonderful".It has an experimental kraut rock mash up towards the end. It's nice to hear real drums and bass on the song. The vocals and backing vocals still lack the slickness we have been used to with Adam Ants previous output.

"How can I say I miss you" song starts with drum machine and vinyl scratching!! Then muddy sounding vocals, that means I can't understand a single word, but then why mess with the theme of the album this close to the end.
This song would have fitted nicely on "Friend Or Foe."
Like the majority of this album the songs are ruined by the inept mixing, Bad production and inconsistent volume levels!!

"Bullshit" another song co written with Chris McCormack. This song has that industrial, anthemic sound that we needed more of on this album. I don't like the 90s sounding drums and samples but the rest flows along nicely...

How can I say I miss you (reprise) instrumental Filler

To sum this up I would say I feel disappointed with this effort or lack of!!
I've read two reviews already. One said that this album is just unfinished songs and demos that have been around for a few years.. I believe that....

The other review said that this was Adam at his best. This is him back to "Dirk wears White Sox." This is Punk!!!

Sorry this isn't Punk. This sounds like an half arsed effort. Adam Ant has been touring everywhere for the last two and a half years with this band. This album doesn't even sound like it has a band on it!!

A Check List Of What I Was Expecting....

Catchy Songs = 6 out of 17
Future Classics = 2?out of 17
Guitar Solos = No Guitar Solos On This Album
A Full on, Well Rehearsed, Recorded Band = NO
Good Production = No
Mastering = No
Burundi Drums = No
Consistent Volume = No
Auto tune = No
Analogue Recording = No Way

I am the last person who wants to berate a New Adam Ant album but this isn't good enough Adam. It sounds unfinished, incoherent and that saddens me that you think this is good enough for release. You are the man that says at every show that you are the Last Punk Rocker!! well listening to this I would never believe that you was a Punk Rocker for one minute...... You say that this is the Kings Of the Wild Frontier character 33 years later!! What an insult....

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Buy Adam Ant's New Single

This is my review on iTunes for Cool Zombie by Adam Ant
Cool Zombie is a return to form. Adam Ant's last studio output was 1995. Wonderful was released seventeen years ago and as good as it sounded this sounds way better. Wonderful fitted in nicely with the 90s Brit Pop and the songs were decent but Cool Zombie is a return to the Kings of the wild Frontier era for me. The analogue recording sounds great. The guitars sound excellent and live in the mix and Adam's vocals have taken on life experience. He has some Dylan/Jagger sounds to his voice along with his own recognisable voice. This song is excellent and gets better with each play......Welcome Back Adam Ant

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Jason and the Scorchers with Ginger Wildheart live at The Garage, London 29/09/2012

This is one of my favourite pictures I have ever taken at a gig and it features the coolest men
In the whole Rock 'n' Roll World!!! Warner E Hodges. Ginger Wildheart. Jason Ringenberg.

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My Amazon Review for 100% by Ginger Wildheart

From the opening line of "Life plays heavy on my mind" to the closing Prog Epicness of Time.
100% is just a third of the songs that is the collective 555%. The One of many projects From the genius of Ginger Wildheart and his close band of friends/musicians. You all know the pledge music story so I'll say no more!!
If you have 100% in your hands then what you are holding is the tip of the iceberg and I recommend you seek out 555%
From the hook laden " I pray to a God that there is a God " of Forget about it. To the "There's a warehouse of Riffs & Melodies" of Ginger's Internal Radio to the perfect Ginger Pop of Lover, it'll all work out. You're the one is a great Rock, Synth Singalong with that extra slice of slick! One of my favourites is "It appears that the party is over" which has a Stranglers/Clam Abuse vibe! Perfect.... Next up and all at once here comes the sadness!! Of "Taste Aversion" To me this is an instant classic... Another Spinning F@@cking Rainbow withs it's Cardiacs/Ants riffage going on, Ginger is the only man in the world who would write about the impatience of life comparing to the spinning rainbow on your slow pc! We love this....... Just another song about someone is perfect Ginger songwriting, storytelling with heart, soul & great riff.... Westward Ho has that world music sound mixed with Hard Rock that we know Ginger so well for dot dot dot...... Beautifully, Blissfully Unsettled again I repeat what I say but this is a Ginger song with Hooks that drag you in and then delve into your brain and then jump out unexpectedly when you find yourself singing em days later, this song does that...This album does that!!... Next up We've been expecting you, this is in my top 3. For this song Ginger built a Time Machine, went back to the 60s and hooked up with John Lennon and created this beauty!! Love this.... and finally Time. Great closing song, this is a Prog, Rock, Ballad. When I say ballad I don't mean in a Jon Bon Manilow way! I mean in a Beatles/Ginger/Cardiacs way...... Brilliant brilliant album.......
You are lucky if you don't have 555% because then you wouldnt have had to pick 9 songs from 30.... Trust me that was hard and the ones that were left behind are just as amazing..... Buy this but find 555% if you can........
We Love you Ginger Wildheart you truly are the best songwriter of the last, this and the next generation.........Bring on Mutation!! Get pledging people!!
Regards and Good Vibes All :)

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